The Climakers meet digitally for a forward-looking and constructive exchange on next commitments for 2021 to ensure that the initiative delivers its outcomes.

Today, December 16, the members of the Farmers Driven Climate Change Alliance, namely the “Climakers”, convened digitally for a forward-looking and constructive exchange on results achieved in this challenging 2020 and on next commitments for 2021 to ensure that the initiative delivers its outcomes.

Participants in the meeting included Ms Arianna Giuliodori, Ms Luisa Volpe, Ms Valeria Di Marzo and Ms Ambra Raggi, World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), Mr Ezzar Abdelmajid, as representative of both the WFO board and Union Maghrébine et Nord-Africaine des Agriculteurs (UMNAGRI), Ms Emmerance Tuyishime, Pan African Farmers’ Organization (PAFO), Ms Goretti Gachagua, Eastern African Farmers Federation (EAFF), Mr Majola Mabuza, Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU), Mr Errington Thompson, Agriculture Alliance for the Caribbean (AACARI) and Ms Marianna Debernardini, European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA) as representatives of the Farmers’ Organisations; Ms Yvonne Harz-Pitre, International Fertilizer Association (IFA), Ms Giulia Di Tommaso and Mr Robert Hunter, CropLife International, and Mr Michael Keller, International Seed Federation (ISF) on the side of Private Sector Associations; Ms Deissy Martínez Barón, representing the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS); Mr Divine Foretia and Mr Saul Elias Lopez as representatives of the Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN); Ms Medline on behalf of Taiwan ICDF and Mr Michael Hoevel as representative of Farming First.

All the attendees provided key contributions to help the work of the implementation of the Farmers Driven Climate Change Agenda in the upcoming months.

2021 is approaching and will be a “super year” in the history of food and climate-related discussions.

The UN Food system Summit of Autumn 2021 represents a huge stage for the Climakers to showcase the strength of a multi-stakeholder partnership in boosting farmers-driven solutions to climate change, such a crucial task in the shift towards sustainable Food Systems!

COP26, postponed from 2020 to 2021, in Glasgow will represent a key moment for the Climakers to propose their pragmatic solutions on how to tackle mitigation and adaptation better and enhance NDCs.

There is a long way ahead and a lot of opportunities until the end of next year, to be grabbed and explored to share The Climakers messages and put the farmers together with their partners at the centre of every discussion on food systems and climate change.

Only acting collectively, it will be possible to build a more sustainable future for all, relying on a farmers’ driven climate change agenda.