On February 14, the Climakers community from Europe will convene digitally at 11.00 AM CET for the workshop titled “Addressing Climate Change: The Role of Young European Farmers”. 

Jointly organised by the World Farmers Organisation (WFO) and the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA) the workshop aims to report on the results of The Climakers initiative, highlight the climate adaptation and mitigation strategies of young farmers in Europe, and set the tone for a youth-driven agenda in global agriculture. 

It will gather the members of the European Council of Young Farmers and the regional constituencies of the World Farmers Organisation for 1,5 hours of open discussion on the key topics of the farmer-driven climate change agenda: 

  • sustainable livestock 
  • carbon farming, 
  • the ongoing crisis, 
  • and fertilizing challenges 

Discussions will be triggered by farmers’ Stories From the Field, during which young farmers will present their farms and the practices they are implementing in terms of climate action 

The data collected will be subject to a final report disseminated throughout the networks of CEJA and WFO 

To register your participation, click here: https://bit.ly/TCMEuropeWorkshop2023