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KENYA | Reforestation and afforestation of Kenya’s vegetation to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change

by Daniel M’Mailutha, farmer by Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF) Description Climate change raises average global temperatures and sea levels triggering major social, environmental and economic disruptions. Effects such as [...]

2 November, 2021|Africa, stories from the field|

MALAYSIA | 25 years of Eco-Tourism successes in safeguarding last remaining vestige of rainforest and traditional cultural heritage

by Koperasi Pelancongan Mukim Batu Puteh Kinabatangan Berhad (KOPEL) Description For a millennium the indigenous ‘Orang Sungai’ (people of the Lower Kinabatangan) have been living off the rainforest for food, [...]

2 November, 2021|Asia, stories from the field|

PALAU | Farmers’ environmentally friendly approach to restoring healthy growing conditions for taro

by Technical Mission of The Republic of China (Taiwan) in Palau Description Dramatic changes are being experienced everywhere, including the island of Palau. This area is suffering from Heavy rainfall [...]

2 November, 2021|Oceania, stories from the field|

SAINT LUCIA | Construction of hoop greenhouses in response to heavy rains and floods

by The Saint Lucia Marketing Board, Grace Farmer’s Association, Belle View Farmer’s Association, Black Bay Farmer’s Association Description In the context of Saint Lucia, the most prevalent effects of the [...]

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